SkyLouver Installation on MBC Ventures Roof

Meet SkyLouver™

SkyLouver can virtually eliminate most of the need for indoor lighting in single-story buildings while also creating clean, renewable energy to satisfy a large portion of a building’s energy load. SkyLouver delivers energy at roughly half the cost of traditional sources driving payback periods as low as 2.5 to 5 years* for an average single-story commercial building.


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SkyLouver for Architects

If you're a commercial building designer looking for a new technology to make your buildings greener than ever, consider what SkyLouver can do. A properly designed SkyLouver system can contribute to up to fifteen LEED points in a single design decision. SkyLouver delivers an unprecedented daylighting experience: more hours of daylight per year, variably controlled levels of lighting, and smooth interaction between the daylighting and artificial illumination systems.

For Architects

SkyLouver for  Lighting Designers

Glare associated with traditional skylights is no longer a concern with the installation of a SkyLouver System.  The SkyLouver monitor reduces glare by more than 50% compared to traditional skylights by increasing the amount of area per unit of quality diffused light delivered and by delivering a higher percentage of light. Even in poor weather conditions you can count on the SkyLouver module to deliver your desired light output. SkyLouver is capable of interfacing with most standard lighting control protocols, and the intelligence of the controller installed in each module opens possibilities for creative interplay between artificial and natural lighting sources.

For Lighting Designers

SkyLouver for Commercial Building Owners

What if you could, at a single stroke, increase the demand for your building space while at the same time reducing your operating costs and improving your public standing? That's what SkyLouver can do. The consistently high levels of daylighting that SkyLouver can provide makes occupants feel better and work more efficiently. That can lead to better occupancy rates and higher revenue. Whether it's you or your tenants who pay the utility bills, substantial reductions in lighting and HVAC costs can find their way to your bottom line. In this age of environmental consciousness what could improve your public profile more than a renewable energy system that anybody walking into the building can see, appreciate, and enjoy!

For Commercial Building Owners

SkyLouver for Roofers

Everyone knows that sustainability is not just a buzzword in the construction industry, it's the future. The question is: How do you go green and earn green at the same time? Adding daylighting and solar to your product line is a good start, but many are finding that adding these products to their offering is not as easy as it sounds. SkyLouver provides a fully integrated solution that is designed to fit seamlessly in a new roof or roof replacement scenario. You won't need an expert in each of these areas unrelated to roofing because SkyLouver will design and provide a turnkey system and work with you every step of the way.

For Roofers

SkyLouver for Energy Engineers

While building energy systems are considered earlier in the design phase than they used to be, many aesthetic and functional design considerations still work against overall building energy efficiency. SkyLouver offers an integrated solution that moves everything in the right direction at once. Daylighting, reduced heating loads in the winter and reduced cooling loads in the summer. All provided in a turnkey package that eliminates many of the interface headaches that can doom even the best engineered designs at commissioning time.

For Energy Engineers

SkyLouver for Builders

Congratulations. If you've survived the last few years you must be doing something right. Now the question is: How do you set yourself apart from the competition and up for growth? If you specialize in commercial/industrial buildings and want to offer your customers something that will make a statement while saving them money at the same time, consider SkyLouver in your original designs. And as building codes in many areas are beginning to require green building features, it's nice to be able to specify a system that offers something for everybody. SkyLouver's engineers will work closely with you through the design and construction phases to ensure a smooth installation and a happy client.

For Builders

Did You Know?

A 2003 study of office worker productivity conducted by the California Energy Commission found exposure to daylight was consistently linked with higher levels of concentration and better short-term memory.

California Energy Commission, 2003