Daylighting is the single best thing you can do to transform the environment inside your building. It can make your building a more pleasant place, to be sure–but that’s not all. There are dozens of studies which show the powerful and positive effects of natural lighting in almost any kind of building. Increased retail sales, improved worker productivity, reduced absenteeism, even better grades for students are all correlated with natural lighting. And SkyLouver delivers 60 to 75% more natural lighting than conventional skylight systems while reducing–not increasing–the building heating and cooling loads. How’s that for a competitive advantage?

  • Enhance the environment both inside and outside your building
  • Save on electrical and heating fuel usage
  • Gain green points for your building and your business

SkyLouver reduces annual lighting energy usage by 50 to 75%. And since natural light is “cooler” than artificial lighting, SkyLouver reduces building air-conditioning loads by 10 to 25%. So beyond just reducing loads, SkyLouver can be paired with an absorption chiller system that can directly supply up to half of the building’s air conditioning load. In the winter, SkyLouver can deliver heat directly to the building in the form of increased lighting levels or indirectly in the form of hot water to supplement forced air space heating systems. All of this adds up to major energy savings, which has its own benefits beyond the savings in monthly utility bills. A SkyLouver system can gain you lots of LEED points and other green energy credits for which your building may already be eligible, and SkyLouver is one of the few renewable energy systems that is visible to the occupants inside the building. Customers, employees and visitors will all be able to experience firsthand the building owner’s commitment to the environment and to their well-being.