Food Processing Facilities

SkyLouver is a good match for most food processing facilities such as breweries, bottling plants, and meat and produce processing plants. Almost every food processing facility has a large boiler providing thousands of gallons of relatively hot water every day for general cleaning and sanitizing as well as for specific food processing steps such as scalding and pasteurizing.

According to US Energy Information Administration data, the average hot water usage in food processing facilities is more than enough to absorb all of the heat generated by a SkyLouver system with commensurate reductions in fossil fuel costs and CO2 emissions. In addition, the US Department of Agriculture has many specific requirements for illumination levels in various parts of food processing facilities. Inspection and food handling areas, in particular, can have illumination requirements as high as 100 footcandles, and general illumination levels that are higher than most other building types.

SkyLouver’s capability of customizing the delivered lighting levels can meet these specific requirements in a low-cost and flexible manner. During downtime such as weekends or seasonal closings, SkyLouver can be programmed to deliver very low lighting levels to minimize the heat gain in the building. During these periods, the heat can either be collected and used for cooling or other purposes, or the modules can be programmed to simply reject the excess heat and reflect it back to the sky.