Government & Military Installations

Government and Military installations include many of the building types discussed in this list, such as athletic facilities, grocery and retail facilities, maintenance facilities and office buildings. In addition to the lighting and thermal energy requirements of these generic building types, military buildings have an additional and very specific requirement to support the energy security of the installation as a whole.

SkyLouver can help achieve this goal in several specific ways. The hours of peak of lighting and cooling generation capability of SkyLouver generally coincide with the peak electrical demand of the base as a whole. Therefore, buildings with SkyLouver systems can substantially reduce the peak electrical demand of the base. This allows for micro grid systems to handle a larger fraction of the baseload which can reduce the dependence on outside commercial sources of electrical power. SkyLouver can also be paired with a photovoltaic system which would allow full functionality of the heating and cooling systems as well. This would allow such buildings to provide heating cooling and lighting on a completely off-grid basis, greatly enhancing the energy security of the installation.