SkyLouver is not a skylight. It’s a new way of thinking about how your roof can work for your business. Seven times more solar energy strikes the roof surface of the average flat-roofed building in America than the entire building uses for lighting, heating and cooling over the year. It’s time to put that energy to work both for the building owner and those who work, shop, and live underneath.

  • Brilliant, precisely controlled natural lighting
  • Reductions in heating and cooling energy usage
  • Process heat for hot water and space heating
  • Heat driven absorption cooling and refrigeration

SkyLouver delivers the sun’s energy where it’s needed, when it’s needed. Need more light in this area and a little less in that one? Each SkyLouver module can deliver exactly the amount of light you want, when you want it. Want more illumination in winter to brighten things up and cut your heating bill? Or would you prefer to collect the sun’s heat for hot water and space heating? SkyLouver can do both at the same time. SkyLouver can even deliver chilled water for offsetting peak cooling and refrigeration loads in summer.